Demo Launched!

We are proud to present the demo for Hand of Horzasha! We have worked hard to package an assortment of early moments in the game to introduce the world and characters of Horzasha in a playable demo.  We hope you will enjoy this small sample of what is to come and look forward to the finished project.

Our composer Miguel Bulteau (@MBulteau) and mixer Miguel Jesus (@AbsentiaDie) made great strides in the music composition and sound design in order to make this demo possible, and I would like to express my sincere gratitude to them. Bulteau even went as far as creating the trailer for our demo, something I couldn't possibly have made happen without his help. I would like to extend very special thanks to my good friend and proofreader Brella (@brells_) for her polishing of the project's writing. She also drew the kickass poster above to promote the demo's release! She has been an immense help to me artistically over the years, and it makes me proud to be able to work alongside her on this project. I cannot thank these people enough. Their support during this entire process has changed me and my outlook on creativity for the better. I anticipate that this will only continue as we move forward with the full version. 

Please leave us your comments and impressions and follow as on Twitter (@ShinyVacation) for future updates. We also have a Discord:

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